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Resident Evil Collab

2008-03-22 06:03:19 by spitfireuk1

So since the demise of the 'you got own3d' collaboration which I was looking forward to I've moved onto better things mainly in the form of a 'Resident Evil' Collaboration created by

Basically just letting you all know what I'm up to and trying to build up a little bit of interest and hopefully some anticipation for it...

Check out the progress here... 0882


PS the pic below is just an example of the art style ive decided to go with for this project.

Sorry about the low quality

Resident Evil Collab


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2008-03-23 19:25:42

Comment! :) Hurry up and post a picture of what you've done. I'm bored shitless!


(Updated ) spitfireuk1 responds:

there you go my boy...

Just sorting all the lip stuff and character art out before i move on to the backgrounds etc.